[ ] Repair Broken or Chipped Teeth

[ ] Straighten Crooked Teeth

[ ] Close Spaces

[ ] Lighten Stained & Dark Teeth

[ ] Fix Worn or Broken Crowns /Caps

[ ] Improve your Smile

[ ] Balance your Bite

[ ] Prevent Cavities

TOOTH BONDING protects the teeth from getting Cavities. PORCELAIN (Dental Composite) is added onto the teeth. The tooth does not have to be cut down (as for a porcelain or gold cap), so this is a very Conservative Dental Procedure. We match the color of your teeth very closely. The dental porcelain resin lasts for years, using good home care ‑‑ tooth brushing and dental flossing.

PORCELAIN FACINGS can cover Stained & Dark teeth, & give you a bright beautiful smile while maintaining the integrity of your existing teeth. Porcelain Veneers or Facings are ideal for Tetracycline Stains, Brown or Yellow teeth, or severely Worn down teeth. Porcelain Facings are much less expensive than Crowns or Caps.

Dental Porcelain SEALANTS will Prevent Cavities from starting on your teeth. The tooth Porcelain Bonds onto the teeth, filling any pits, grooves or tooth defects, and stops decay and wearing away of the enamel and roots !

MARYLAND BRIDGE is a new way to replace a missing tooth or space without hurting or cutting down the teeth next to the space. It is a Fixed Bridge that does not come out, and is held in by tooth bonding, which lasts for years & years.

The Bonding is NOT as strong as your own teeth or a porcelain cap, so we recommend that you be careful when biting on crusty bread, chicken bones, hard candy, apples, and other hard foods.

Your new tooth bonding is easy to maintain. If a piece of the bonding falls off, just come into the office and we can rebond to the tooth. If it stains around the edges, we're able to clean it also. The tooth bonding materials we use are the Newest and Best Materials available.

With best wishes for your Dental Health, Dr. LAUREN FRIEDMAN DDS & Staff  West Los Angeles, CA